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The holiday rush has already set in! It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks for sure. And for parents like us, it leaves little space to actually sit back and relax. Good news! Ogalala wants to make things a bit easier for us who may not have the time to go shopping for their kids and their inaanaks, while still be able to personally choose what products to give as gifts.

The solution? The Ogalala e-shop! It is equipped to give parents and gift-givers alike the convenience and quality choices of gifting what matters. This is perfect, especially for intentional parents like us who desire for our kids to receive products they will have fun with, but at the same time learn from too. As gift-givers, we want to give gifts that matter.


You’ll like this new feature which allows you to pick products you like and store them as a wish list! To help your loved ones who are still thinking of ideas on what to give your child, go to your profile, click on your wish list, copy the link, and then share it on your Facebook or Twitter page. You can also send it out via email.

When your family and friends click on your wish list link, they will be able to purchase an item right off the bat, and that item will be checked off your list. Not only that, they will also be able to send the item to you directly, in case they are out of town or overseas. Isn’t that the best of news?


Create your own wish list! You can make one each for your kids or even for yourself.

  • Add items to your wish list by clicking on any item and clicking the Add to wishlist button.


  • Go back to your profile by clicking on your name on the top of the page, click on My Wishlists on the right column, and then choose which list you’d like to share.


  • Copy the permalink or click on “Send this wishlist” to enter emails of friends and family.



Try it out! Aside from tagging family and friends when you share your wishlists on your FB, Instagram, or Twitter account, please tag @OgalalaWorld too.

We hope to see your wish lists out soon. Check out our own experience when my son received his new toy at our doorstep! We guarantee you will enjoy doing this list 😉

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