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Homeschool Global (formerly TMA Homeschool) is a Christian organization focused on providing comprehensive homeschool services. Currently on its 17th year, it serves over a thousand students in 21 different countries, from pre-school through high school (Grade 10).

Homeschool Global clusters its services into three Core Programs: Learn, Connect, and Shine. These services help create the best learning environment for your children.



Homeschool Global has its roots with the founding of The Master’s Academy (TMA), a brick- and-mortar school in 1997 by a group of Christian businessmen led by Dr. Peter and Deonna Tan-Chi.

Their strong desire was to provide a high standard of education focused on Biblical Christian principles and values.

In 1999, Peter & Deonna’s desire to advocate home education or homeschooling as an alternative mode of education was realized with the Department of Education’s accreditation of TMA as the first Home Education Program (HEP) in the Philippines. And thus, TMA Homeschool was born.

In 2008, TMA Homeschool began expanding its offerings to better serve the homeschoolers’ needs. There were five major changes.

  • First, it offered Music, Art, and PE classes to help homeschoolers fulfill the needed MAPE requirements of DepEd.
  • Second, it switched from a single curriculum choice to various curriculum options to suit varied family cultures, preferences, and learning styles.
  • Third, it launched the High School program so as to serve its growing elementary graduates.
  • Fourth, it implemented a year-end standardized testing to assess student performance vis-à-vis international norms.
  • Finally, it secured an affiliation with a premier US based homeschool provider, Walkersville Christian Family Schools (WCFS) to allow students US-accreditation and hence, a seamless acceptance to US schools.
Homeschool Global is big on bringing the learning experience to the max. Our stylized round emblem alludes to the home: books on all sides – windows and doors of opportunities for learning, roof of protection against the dangers of “not knowing”. Its round shape punctuates our globalness – literally, as our students are global; figuratively, as we can homeschool anytime, anywhere. “The world is truly our classroom.”

Homeschool Global is big on bringing the learning experience to the max. Their stylized round emblem alludes to the home: books on all sides – windows and doors of opportunities for learning, roof of protection against the dangers of “not knowing”. Its round shape punctuates their globalness – literally, as their students are global; figuratively, as they can homeschool anytime, anywhere. “The world is truly our classroom.”

TMA Homeschool was at the forefront of mounting national homeschool conferences and big events, leading to heightened awareness and more decisions to homeschool as a choice. In 2012, more homeschool services were offered alongside a new, more accessible location as TMA Homeschool, Inc. – the homeschool service provider of The Master’s Academy.

Today, Homeschool Global is their new name as homeschool service provider. Their corporate colors being familiar will assure people of where they came from and what they continue to stand for. Under Homeschool Global or HG, they will champion homeschooling anywhere it takes them, supporting their emerging homeschool communities here and abroad, finding ways to serve them better as they journey towards true success.

We are Homeschool Global…global in connectedness, global in vision and outlook.



Homeschool Global envisions millions of families homeschooling everywhere, impacting others through their Christian character and wisdom, creating a world that honors God.

Their mission is to help children achieve true success through world-class, Bible-based home education, walking alongside parents to create the best environment for learning and character excellence.



  • Passionate – actively committed to the cause; energetic
  • Unconventional – creative, out-of-the-box, resourceful, imaginative
  • Nurturing – pro-active, sincere, “walking alongside”
  • Competent – able to get things done excellently; always looking for better ways of doing things
  • Christ-centered – the standard for what we do and how we do things



  1. Learn Program – Equips you to homeschool well. LEARN is the academic program of Homeschool Global. A Homeschool Advisor walks alongside each family helping them to homeschool well. The Advisor also recommends homeschool curriculum most suited for a child’s learning style. Is your child more visual, kinesthetic, verbal or aural?
  2. Connect Program – Helps get families into small groups called Learn Groups. Through Learn Groups, homeschoolers can exchange ideas and best practices, encourage each other, and even allow friendships to be formed among the children.
  3. Shine Program – Mounts big events that bring the whole Homeschool Global community together, allowing showcase of talents and skills, service or good works, and bonding moments between families. Some of these events are the Purity Ball, Graduation, Parents Conference, Yaman ng Lahi, and Family Christmas Get-Together. These big events foster a strong sense of community, the “we’re in this together” in this exciting journey called homeschooling. And our children get to hone their God-given talents and sense of purpose.


Homeschool Global, President

Edric And Joy Mendoza

Edric and Joy Mendoza


  • President of Homeschool Global (formerly TMA Homeschool), an international homeschool services provider with over 1,500 students across 22 countries; founder of the Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands (HAPI) and Homeschooling Solutions Inc (HSI); and, board member of the Global Home Education Congress (GHEC).
  • RFP (Registered Financial Planner) and international keynote speaker across multinational corporations, civic, school, and government organizations; cited as “15 Filipino Motivational Speakers You Should Hear” by


  • Conducts training and counseling of —and mounts big events for — families in the areas of marriage, parenting, and money stewardship through CCF (Christ’s Commission Fellowship).
  • Family ambassador across global brands such as Vernel (2015-current), Cetaphil (2014 current), and Revicon Max (2010-12).


  • Edric graduated BS Management from the Ateneo De Manila University, a Student Council member (Business Rep), and student-athlete (starting catcher of the Varsity Baseball Team).
  • Prior to the shift to edu-preneurship, he had 10 years of brand / project management experience across top firms CBRE, Ayala Land, Inc., and Del Monte Philippines.
  • He is also a licensed Guerrilla Marketing Coach, and was a Marketing Lecturer at the Ateneo De Manila University.
  • He most enjoys being with his wife, TeachWithJoy blogger and book author Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza, and their five wonderful homeschooled children.


Edric and Joy's Five Homeschooled Kids

Edric and Joy’s Five Homeschooled Kids

Joy is happily married to Edric Mendoza and she is a homeschooling mom to five children spanning the ages of 13 to 2 years old. She is an awarded blogger for her site, where she writes about the honest challenges and joys of marriage, parenting and homeschooling.

She is the author of, “When a Good God Allows Rape” – an autobiography of her journey from tragedy to healing. Her story has been televised and featured on numerous media platforms.

Joy also speaks on marriage, parenting, and homeschooling to audiences around the Philippines and when possible, overseas.

Together with her husband and children, she has been a brand endorser for Revicon Max, Cetaphil, Vernel Fabric Softener, Mommy Matters and products that celebrate marriage and family values. Above all else, her greatest passion is living for the glory of Jesus Christ which she hopes will define everything she is and does as a woman, wife, mother, and communicator.


Homeschool Global, Managing Directo

Gerry Argosino

Gerry Argosino

Gerry has over 30 years of corporate experience in marketing communications and advertising working for multinational firms such as J. Walter Thompson, Ogilvy & Mather, Lowe Lintas and Leo Burnett Manila. At Leo Burnett Manila he served as a member of the senior management team focused on account management and eventually strategic brand planning. He set up and headed Brand Planning as a new department in Leo Burnett Manila, where he left as Vice President.

In his stint in branding and communications, he has handled major brands both local and global for fast moving consumer goods, durables, fastfood restaurants and financial products and services.

Gerry and his wife Girlie caught the vision for homeschooling in 1999 when they decided to homeschool their son in TMA Homeschool (now Homeschool Global). They were among the first batch of families to homeschool then. As his homeschooled son transitioned into college in 2010, he came on board as a consultant for TMA Homeschool, and eventually serving it as Managing Director. He also serves as director of the Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands (HAPI), the national advocacy group for homeschooling.


  1. Hello po..when’s the next parents orientation for new enrollees? We are interested to homeschool. Thanks. .GBU

    • Hi, Lydia! The next Homeschool Global orientation will be this Thursday, January 26, 8:30-11:00 a.m. at Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde, Pasig City. See you there!

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