Libraries Allow Imaginations Go Wild!

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We chose to go to the library the day after Christmas 2017, and it turned out to be a great decision!

Every nook and cranny inside Cerritos Library is inviting for imaginative explorers.

Our two-crew ship voyaged into the Children’s Library, which is conveniently located in the first floor. Look for a stack of giant books… They’re hard to miss!

Help is just around the corner. There’s a digital catalog area that is absolutely kid-friendly…

… and the reception area welcomes a child’s (or parent’s, for that matter) FAQs.

The shelves are referenced for your easy selection location…

…and we love the touch of creativity brimming all over the place!

There are awesome learning rooms…

…and learning centers, too!

There are tech hubs also available…

…and different kinds of reading lounges scattered around.

Read-alouds allowed! Samuel’s aunt, Maritess, and cousin, Ram, chilling with their books.

The place is a natural habitat for knowledge seekers from all corners of the world!

Where there seems to be a time continuum for the mind…

…and book-farers near and far are bridged together.

Where each wall built is an opportunity to train and teach.

So, read.

Book-reading is a perfect bonding experience! Samuel’s uncle, Rommel, and cousin, Rain, relaxing with a book and some lamps.

Have fun.

Amidst shelves, Samuel made new friends!

And enjoy friendships!

Be out-of-this-world thinkers…

…by diving deep into a world of imaginations!

Next time you visit California, make sure you add a stop to Cerritos Chidren’s Library!

Where’s Samuel?

Check out some of their upcoming events this January 2018:









If you live in the area, your teenagers can even volunteer!

Their doors are open!

Visit your local library today.

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