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I write about parentinghomeschooling, and traveling. Learn more about my blog from my about page and more about me from my introduction page.

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About My Readers. Primarily women ages 27-40, stay-at-home or work-from-home moms, homeschooling, and traveling parents with children ages 0-12, looking for ways to help better their plans and experiences.

PR & Partnership. I love to share resources to inspire and encourage you. For this purpose, I only choose the ones I believe in. I’ll happily blog about (1) Recommendations, (2) Product Reviews, (3) Sponsored Posts, (4) Paid Ads, and (5) Affiliations. I also welcome becoming a (1) guest speaker, (2) brand ambassador, and (3) personal life coach, as long as the topics are on faith, homeschool, travels, and home-based careers. Please email me for updated stats and prices.

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